In session after session, attendees at EIC are hearing the message that decentralized identity is the answer to their identity problems.

Credetial Tipping Point

I'm at European Identity Conference (EIC) this week. I haven't been for several years. One thing that has struck me is how much of the conversation is about decentralized identity and verifiable credentials. I can remember when the whole idea of decentralized identity was anathema here. The opening keynote, by Martin Kuppinger is Vision 2030: Rethinking Digital Identity in the Era of AI and Decentralization. And all he's talking about is decentralized identity and how it's at the core of solving long standing identity problems. Another data point: Steve McCown and Kim Hamilton-Duffy ran a session this morning called Decentralized Identity Technical Mastery which was a hands-on workshop. The rather large room was packed—standing room only.

I attended a couple of sessions on decentralized identity where I didn't know the companies, the speakers, or the specific platforms they were using. The space is too big to keep track of anymore. Identity professionals who were ignoring, or talking down, decentralized identity a few years ago are now promoting it.

This truly feels like a tipping point to me. At IIW, it's identity geeks talking with other identity geeks, so it's no surprise to see lots of discussion about new things. EIC is a different kind of conference. There are about 1000 people here I'd guess. Most of them aren't working on new standards or open source projects. Instead they're the folks from companies who come to conferences like EIC to learn how to solve the problems their organization is facing.

In the keynotes and in numerous sessions, the message that they're hearing is "decentralized identity will solve your problems." Martin closed his talk with the proclamation that "decentralized identity is the new paradigm for identity."

Photo Credit: Credential Tipping Point by DALL-E (public domain) Prompt: Draw a rectangular picture that shows a credential at a tipping point. Make the credential look like a lifelike credential, include cartoon picture, and some writing. Use bright friendly colors.

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