Twitter Vote Report: Spread the Word

Britt Blaser sent me a link to Twitter Vote Report, a system for sharing stories and issue about voting across the country. Using it is simple, simply tweet with the hashtag #votereport and give:

  • The time of day (9:20 am, 1:12 pm)
  • The zip code you just voted in (e.g. 10591, 10012)
  • The issue: Wait (e.g. a waiting time of over ½ hour) Reg. (e.g. a problem with your registration) Machine (e.g. voting machines are broken or jamming)

I love this idea. Simple applications of technology for making our democracy work better.

Twitter vote support still needs some help with making things work, so visit the site and see how you can contribute. But mostly--spread the word!

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Last modified: Thu Oct 10 12:47:18 2019.