Last month, at ETech, Doug Kaye introduced me to John Hagel. At the time, I happened to be reading a paper he and John Seely Brown had written called From Push to Pull- Emerging Models for Mobilizing Resources because it had been recommended by Werner Vogels. We had a delightful conversation over lunch.

This morning I was looking at John Hagel and John Seely Brown's latest book (2005) The Only Sustainable Edge. One of the concepts is "dynamic specialization." When I googled dynamic specialization, the number two link was an IT Conversations presentation by John Seely Brown from Supernova 2005.

I happened to remember that John Hagel had been on IT Conversations as well, so I went and looked that up. He's been on several times. Once interviewed by Doug and once as a guest of Moira Gunn on TechNation. These are all great legacy programs from IT Conversations that you'll enjoy listening to again if you've got an interest in business strategy and globalization.

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