Superbloggers and the Future of Big Media

Rob Enderie has an interesting article on Superbloggers and the Future of Big Media. The article essentially predicts the end of the news media as we know it and says that "firms got so involved in thinking about other things, like cutting costs, that they lost track of their customers while the bloggers moved fill the gap." Enderie continues:

Where the bloggers shouldn't be able to compete is on "perspective" and experienced talent. Perspective, or what the news means to me, is the sustainable advantage. But to provide it, you need to know your customers very well; you need to move very quickly to respond to threats and change. And to do that, responsibility needs to be distributed out to the people who are closest to the customer. In a way, building a blend of what the blogger is and what the news services are would turn out a kind of superblogger. But to get this perspective, the news agencies will have to bring in some fresh talent and allow that talent to create a more flexible, responsive organization. They'll need to blend the old with the new, and they'll need to think through the use of the massive technology and information they have at their disposal and find better, faster ways to apply that technology so that valuable perspectives can be created and communicated.
From Technology News: Viewpoint: Superbloggers and the Future of Big Media
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I don't agree entirely . Its true that many bloggers are just guys commenting on the news with little or no experience, but many of the blogs I read (admittedly mostly technical) are written by the very guys making it happen. Can anyone question the perspective of Dave Winer, Doc Searls, or Robert Scoble? They bring incredible perspective to their writing. My own blog is written by someone who's been a CTO and CIO. My perspective is just that, my perspective. But would any single reporter's perspective be better? I don't think that's a given.

Even more to the point, the nature of news has gone completely away from perspective in the last 25 years. Do you get perspective from CNN or ABC? Not really. In fact, in an effort to be "gritty" and fill air-time, they provide more and more news in the raw. There's no perspective in that and any blogger can do the same.

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