Public Sector Identity Management

Way last November, I was interviewed on the subject of identity management by Linda Formichelli. The article finally showed up in Public CIO magazine. This paragraph contains a fairly significant mistake, see if you can spot it:

In documents created by SAML, which is based on extensible markup language (XML), a user's information comes nested with internal statements about that user's authentication, authorization and attributes. The receiver of that information then automatically determines whether the user should receive the requested information. "CIOs need to be aware of all the work going on in the federal identification space," said Windley. "If people are paying attention to things like SAML, cross-organization identity will be easy to do once everything's in place. If not, they'll find their cross-agency and interstate efforts will be hampered by a lack of identity structure."
From Government Technology's Public CIO Magazine
Referenced Fri Mar 12 2004 14:17:56 GMT-0700

Yes, its not the "federal identity space" but the "federated identity space." Oh well, I guess when you're talking about government systems, federated sounds a lot like federal.

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