Microsoft, RSS, and BitTorrent

Dan Gillmor has a thought provoking piece about Microsoft's lack of support for RSS. Here are a few of my favorite quotes:

...automating micro-content routing tends to reinforce the ubiquity of small consumable, searchable XHTML fragments. gotta buy a ticket for enterprise workflow and form routing...Microsoft doesn't want to seed a poor-man's BizTalk server around RSS alerts.

[L]et's not forget RSS/BitTorrent enclosures, which offer a DRM-free standard for peer-to-peer content exchange and publishing years before Longhorn locks down those ports.

From Your Winnings, Sir
Referenced Mon Mar 15 2004 10:10:50 GMT-0700

If you haven't heard about that last one yet, here's an overview article, a Wired magazine article, another piece by Dan and instructions for using RSS+BitTorrent in Radio.

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