Grassroots Political Blogging

Last week I was elected chair of my precinct so I put together a blog to keep precinct members informed and for precinct officers and delegates to use for exchanging information and keeping up to date. We also set up a Yahoo! group. I used Movable Type since I already have an installation, but it would be trivial to do on Blogspot. Here's the blog Dave Fletcher put together for the American Fork 3rd Precinct using Blogspot. Blogs are a perfect vehicle for coordinating precinct activities because they're easy to keep up to date and the barriers to entry are low. This is where grassroots politics and the Internet intersect and a good way for the technically inclined to be involved in the political process. Volunteer to help your precinct put together a blog and maintain it.

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Last modified: Thu Oct 10 12:47:20 2019.