A New Feature: Ask Phil

One of the things I've liked about Movable Type at UtahPolitics.org is the richer support for comments than I get with Radio. I've had comments enabled for a while on this site and sometimes I see the comments and sometimes I don't. Often I find a comment weeks after someone has posted it. In the spirit of experimentation, I've decided to disable Radio comments and use a more general purpose discussion board called Ask Phil (there's a permanent link on the left as well).

I realize that this is much different than comments in either Radio or Movable Type and that's why I consider it an experiment. At present, there's only one board which you can use for responding to something posted here, or asking me about anything else that you'd like. I encourage you to answer questions as well since we're much smarter collectively than any of us are individually. Later I might create a forum for the CTO Breakfast.

Please leave comments using the Hypothes.is sidebar.

Last modified: Thu Oct 10 12:47:20 2019.